Andrei’s Chicken Egg Rice

Today we have a tasty and easy recipe prepared. Ingredients: chicken, egg, rice, Sebastian’s Special Soy Sauce (but any soy sauce should do), vegetables (whatever you have around the house, doesn’t really matter).


Preparation: first cook the chicken (whatever way you want). I just put it in a pot with some soy sauce and left it there until it got burned. In the same time, cook the rice (I followed the instructions on the rice bag – safest way). Then, put them all together in a pan (if you have a wok, even better), along with some egg, vegetables and soy sauce, and stir moderately. When the egg seems cooked, it is good to eat. Bon appétit!

– Andrei: Ooops, I think I put a little too much soy sauce.. and salt… Otherwise, very good, yum!
– Andreea: I really really appreciate the intention. So nice!

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