Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon. Visited just the lower one. No time for both. Stunning scenery. During my 2 hours there, I kept thinking about all the angles I was missing. And I’m sure I missed a ton of them. Nearby you’ll find Lake Powell and Horseshoe Bend.

Utah rocks! (and some Arizona rocks as well)

Just the usual 900 year old volcano with adjacent lava field. .. followed by a meteorite crater. Along with the meteorite that created it. Petrified forest. Cute, but I prefer living trees. Canyon de Chelly. Ancient Native American ruins. Recognized this place from westerns. Gooseneck Bend. Monument Valley. Monumental awesomeness. Camped in Navajo National Monument. Great campground, spectacular sunset. Slept next to some other ancient Native American Ruins.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon. South Rim. Stayed in Tusayan, AZ. Hoards of tourists. Watched sunset. Hiked down into the canyon. Easy going down, not as easy going back up. Also went to Desert View. They didn’t have any ancient buildings there, so they built an ancient-looking watch tower.

Cruising on Route 66

Route 66 – not just a road. For a lot of people, it was a new life. Now it’s partly forgotten. Only some sections remain. Oatman, AZ. Donkeys (actually burros) and gun fights. One of the remaining Route 66 restaurants: Roadkill Cafe – “You kill it, we grill it”. In the kitschy style Route 66 is known for. (Apparently eating roadkill is accepted.)