Bryce Canyon

Drove through Cedar Breaks. Only stopped for some photos (the road goes up to 3000 m!) and to scare some deer that were blocking the road. Arrived in Bryce Canyon. Took a camp site, then went on a hike. Woke up early next day and caught the sunrise. Beautiful place, yet we left fast for our next destination.

Utah rocks! (and some Arizona rocks as well)

Just the usual 900 year old volcano with adjacent lava field. .. followed by a meteorite crater. Along with the meteorite that created it. Petrified forest. Cute, but I prefer living trees. Canyon de Chelly. Ancient Native American ruins. Recognized this place from westerns. Gooseneck Bend. Monument Valley. Monumental awesomeness. Camped in Navajo National Monument. Great campground, spectacular sunset. Slept next to some other ancient Native American Ruins.