Colorado Trail Day 13 – Zero

Aug 27
So what can you do in Silverton, Colorado?

  • Hike – not for me, I’m having a zero (hiking slang for rest day)
  • Mountain bike – maybe tomorrow
  • Trail run – this town hosts the Hardrock 100 ultramarathon
  • Rent an OHV (off highway vehicle). The town is OHV-friendly and there are buggies everywhere

I went around town a couple of times. It’s very small and easy to get around on foot. From the towns I’ve visited so far, this comes closest to what I think the Old West looked like.

Met my first Romanian on this trip. A student working his summer in the restaurants here.

Visited the local museum, which includes:

  • The century old jail, along with stories of outlaws from the area
  • A three story mine recreation, complete with drilling equipment, explosives, carts, rocks, you name it
  • Century old photography
  • A room on stagecoaches and pack mule trains
  • .. and a lot of other items, such as a chair recovered from what was left of a building after an avalanche destroyed it and killed its owner something like 80 years ago

Besides this, I also ate a lot (funnel cake!) and resupplied for the following two days. Durango, here I come!

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