Scheveningen – or how I ended up showering with my tripod

After half a day in Delft, I thought of going to Scheveningen (a resort on the North Sea coast), since it’s only a 45 min tram ride. The weather was sunny, but at 15 degrees C and with strong wind, I needed 3 layers of clothes to stay alive.

On the beach there’s a pier, with terraces, shops, restaurants, a casino and a tower with a crane on top, set up for bungee-jumping.


I tried some photography after sunset and it went reasonably well, considering the wind, tide, waves and freezing water (I got cold feed).


In the end I noticed that sand crept inside of my tripod. Damn.. Some leg segments were stuck and wouldn’t react to a brute force approach. One shower later, the tripod is now usable, even though a small part of the Scheveningen beach is still inside it.

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