Taiwan Day 9 – Last day on a scooter

Set out in the morning toward Taroko Gorge. Not a lot to say about it.. just that it’s crazy awesome.


Somewhere in the gorge I visited Buluowan, an area once inhabited by the indigenous people of Taiwan and now a recreational area, with pretty lodges, shops, bamboo forest and wildlife such as monkeys or snakes (didn’t see any of them, though).


In a parking area, I found a scooter with the keys in.. and it got me thinking about the difference between Taiwan people and what I’ve seen in Europe. In Europe, you don’t leave keys like that. Also, when somebody asks you for directions, you give him directions. In Taiwan, when I ask for directions, I often get the answer “I’ll take you there” – didn’t believe what I heard at first, but now I know I will miss this kind of attitude after returning home.


Also, will miss the (lack of proper) English 🙂


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