Back to Amsterdam

Public transport in the Netherlands is very good, even if the following sequence of transfers is confusing. So I had to go from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. Took a tram to the train station, a train to Leiden, a train to Schipol, a train to Amsterdam Zuid and a subway to get to my destination. It didn’t take a lot of time in total, since there were only 70 km in total, at a speed of up to 142 kmph.


The weather in Amsterdam: rainy that evening (good weather for some poker with part of the Romanian IT community there and for recovering part of the money I lost the last time), sunny the next day – should I consider myself lucky.. again?


Since it was sunny, it wasn’t hard to convince other people into going on a canoeing trip in Amsterdamse Bos. That park is so big, going by canoe there feels like exploring virgin forests. Strange birds were attacking us because we were close to their nest, while giant fish were swimming underneath the canoes, probably waiting for somebody to fall out.


I mean “attacking” in a less literal way, more of a “chirping violently”.

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