I had all Thursday to go around Rotterdam. My host, Mike, lend me his bike, so I had the freedom of going wherever I could pedal that small ol’ rusty mountain bike. I started with Delfshaven, a small and picturesque borough, with lots of water, boats and a windmill. That’s so Dutch.


Went on to Schiedam, home of the tallest windmills in the world. Schiedam was kinda deserted, one of the few people wandering around told me it was a holiday and was surprised that I didn’t know which one: “Aren’t you Christian?”.


Came back to Rotterdam and enjoyed the striking architecture. It was nice seeing a lot of modern, distinct buildings that still clicked together and with the old architecture (heard that, London?)


Couldn’t miss Euromast. Went with its rotating platform up to 185m, for a great view of Rotterdam’s skyline at sunset (and even Hague, in the distance).


Rotterdam was nice, but after 10 hours of cycling and sightseeing, I felt a little bored. Solution? Amsterdam!

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