Bangkok – Other stuff to do

There are a lot of things to do in Bangkok. I’m (unjustly) putting them in one article out of laziness 🙂

Go to Khaosan Road. This is where the first backpackers used to stay – the emblematic point for South East Asian adventure travellers. Now it is full of tourists and, consequently, of Thai people selling stuff. We went in the morning, when the area is calmest, yet we were constantly refusing tuk-tuk drivers & co.


If you get tired of Thai food (impossible!), go to Yaowarat Road. That’s where Bangkok’s China Town is. We had some dim sum and it was great.


Next to China Town you’ll find Little India. Not as much street food here, mostly clothing and shiny stuff.


Care for some fresh air? Go for a stroll in Lumpini Park. You can rent a boat, even though the lake is rather small. If you arrive in the evening, you can enjoy aerobics at numerous spots in the park. Be on the lookout for monitor lizards (yes, you can find those huge lizards in a central park). They are big and ugly, but they don’t seem aggressive, just curious.


You’re in Thailand, so you should try a Thai massage. Don’t expect something relaxing/refreshing. The masseuse relies heavily on her elbows. Prepare to have your muscles numbed out!

Want to go out of the tourist path? As in… far far away? No better place than going to the slums. And it isn’t even hard to get there. In Bangkok, modern areas and slums are gracefully intertwined. You might even find a local market and enjoy some true Thai food in a Thai setting – for a great Thai experience.


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