Colorado Trail Day 4 – Hot Tub

Aug 18
Ate a really nice burger. Medium rare. Honey mustard. Side of fries. A couple glasses of Coke. Enjoying the sun.

Ate again a couple of hours later. Some chicken wings. Sweet sriracha flavor. It was sweet, but it definitely didn’t feel like sriracha. Side of celery. Another side of fried sweet potatoes.

Ate again a couple of hours later. Calamari with spaghetti in a tomato sauce. Enjoyed the company of a Slovakian and a Texan, both finishers of today’s Spartan run (obstacle course race, apparently popular in the States).

Finished the evening with a New Belgium beer and a soak in the outdoor hot tub overlooking the mountain resort of Breckenridge.

Oh, you were expecting to hear about the Colorado Trail? Ok.. Let’s see where were we.

So last night I was camping at around 3000 m, in between some trees, next to a stream. It was also raining a little. But I didn’t mind the cold (a few degrees above freezing) – maybe just a little. I didn’t mind the wetness – well, I did, but just because I have to be careful with my down sleeping bag. What I did mind – a lot – was the hoard of chipmunks screeching throughout the night. Horrible creatures. It’s like I was trespassing on their ground (I guess I was). I could see them running around my camp in the morning. They didn’t seem friendly – none of them was smiling. I think they watched me throughout the night, jumping from one tree to another, right above my tent, peeing mid-flight. Marking their territory.

7:30 am – sunny weather
8 am – overcast
8:30 – drizzling again

And it continued up to around 11, when I rode into Breckenridge. Stayed at The Bivvi Hostel, the best hostel I’ve seen so far. Beautiful lounge. Terrace with a hot tub. View over the town and surrounding mountains. A selection of beers on tap. Hot breakfast included. And most people there were participants in the Spartan race.

It was a good day. I’ve recharged on what civilization has to offer. Tomorrow morning I’m heading back to the mountains!

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