Colorado Trail Day 7 – Fishwater Double IPA

Aug 21
Another shorter day. Biked 55 km, but most of them on downhill roads.

Started the day by finishing segment 11. Awesome segment, lots of easy roller coaster style single-track in low altitude (3000-3200 m) forests and grasslands. Biked around the Twin Lakes area and at the foothills of Colorado’s highest Peak – Mt Elbert.

Then I had to take a detour – not that I’m complaining, sitting in my hotel bed after a delicious dinner. It’s been on-and-off raining for the whole day – not that I care, sitting in my hotel bed warm and dry.

Stopped for the night in Buena Vista. Ate lunch – yet another burger – the traditional American dish. Took a shower, then washed my clothes. Bought a ton of resupplies – last store for the next 5 days.

Met 3 other guys riding the Colorado Trail. I think they were the ones that overtook me 2 days ago, while I camped earlier. Don’t know how I ended up in front of them. They were stopping here just to resupply. They said they’re planning on doing 30 miles per day, so I hope to overtake them back tomorrow or the day after.

Ate dinner at a pretty nice restaurant. Had a very nice beer – the Fishwater Double IPA from Telluride Brewing. The restaurant will have open mike karaoke the following night, but I won’t be here – there goes my chance for celebrity. Watched a movie. Good day.

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