Montezuma – Hammocks

From Monteverde we took a bus to Puntarenas, a taxi to the ferry, a ferry to Paqueras and then another bus to the small village of Montezuma. We left the pleasant temperatures behind as we got down to sea level, back to thirty-holy-damn degrees Celsius.

Didn’t have any expectations from our accommodations. Made the booking just a couple of days before. Didn’t have many options available. It was central and basic. With only a fan for cooling, it would be interesting at night. But then we got there. It was maybe 10 meters away from the beach. We had a bunch of hammocks in front of the room. Iguanas were running around, chasing each other. The room was basic, but it still had a fridge and an orthopedic mattress. Surprisingly comfy, even despite the heat.

Montezuma is a small village in the south of Nicoya Peninsula. It’s a little corner of paradise (if by paradise you think of beaches, palm trees and ocean waves). There are a bunch of activities you can do in the area (surfing, hiking, horseback riding). We did none of those. It felt great!


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