No snow? Then I bike

This is a weird winter. Where are the snow and the cold? Where are the blizzard alerts and the authorities with their annual “We’re unprepared, we didn’t know it would snow”?

If I can’t go skiing, then I’ll go mountain biking.

We started in Azuga, with a little tarmac.

Azuga in the morning

Azuga in the morning

Continued on an ice covered dirt road. After a couple of falls, I decided it’s safer to push my bike.

Eventually, we reached Susai Chalet. Ate lunch before continuing toward Sacele.

There was still a lot of ice on the road, but some of it broke under the bike tire treads, providing a little bit of grip. As we started descending, ice and snow got replaced by mud.

We reached the Borat-looking outskirts of Sacele and then continued on paved road to Brasov.

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