Short Hike to Cabana Malaiesti

Left Saturday morning from Busteni. The weather was clear, sunny, with pleasant temperatures. Made the first stop at Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor, to resupply on water. There would be no other water sources for the day.

At Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor

At Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor

Continued going up and around the northern part of the Bucegi Mountains, until reaching the highest point of our hike (1800m), at La Prepeleac.

We reached Cabana Malaiesti in time to catch the sunset and the moonrise over Peak Bucsoiu.


Peak Bucsoiu

 Had a serious dinner at the chalet. The food was what you’d expect for a remote place somewhere up in the mountains – simple, just a couple of choices, which is not that important when you’re staying for the evening. Slept in a room of 16, with bunk beds, each bed slightly resized to accommodate 2. So if you come alone, you’ll be sleeping with somebody else 🙂

The next day, we returned on a different route. We went towards Cabana Diham (reachable by car, so a great getaway for lazy people). Next came Cabana Gura Diham, where we left the solitude of the mountains for the crowded and easily-accessible Cerbului Valley. We followed a gravel road back to Busteni.

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