Ski Mountaineering Lespezi Peak

Back in March, we set off for climbing Lespezi Peak, fourth or fifth highest in Romania (it’s unclear to me if it has 2522m or 2517m). Since we had to drive to the Faragas Mountains and back, we left Bucharest at 5 am.

We got on our skis at Piscul Negru, at the base of the Transfagarasan. Quickly got above the tree line, baking in the spring sun. Without the ski goggles that I had bought just recently, I would of had a hard time with all that sun and snow.

Going up was mostly easy. On a small section I had to use, for the first time, my crampons and ice axe.

Got up, took some photos, then switched the skis to descent mode.

Descended fast, as it was getting late and the snow was beginning to freeze. After the first few hundred meters the snow got better, so we had a long and awesome run in next to perfect conditions.

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