Taiwan Day 5 – Fulfilled my childhood dream

… which was that of actually seeing the priceless Ming vase that I used hundreds of times to wreak havoc among my enemies (in Worms Armageddon, of course). Unfortunately, I was not allowed with the camera inside the National Palace Museum, so I just have some outdoor pictures (but you cannot see the Ming vase in them… sorry). The museum was pretty cool (probably that’s why it’s in the top 5 museums in the world), even though they only show 1% of the things they have there (a total of 680000 items spanning over 8 millennia of Chinese culture.


Afterwards, I went on a short hike up the Elephant Mountain, to get to the best place for making photos in Taipei. Why? Check out the pictures:


To do next time I stay in a (sub)tropical forest after sunset: get a mosquito repellent, so I won’t be dancing around the camera instead of taking pictures.

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