Taiwan’s Night Markets

Night markets. I would put them (the food oriented ones) as the top attraction in Taiwan (at least if you’re an European). In Kaohsiung we visited Rui Feng Night Market and Liuhe Tourist Night Market, with the former being our favorite. All sorts of seafood and variations, cooked on the spot. Fruits and fruit drinks. The ubiquitous pearl milk tea. Stinky tofu. Some.. weird combinations (pearl sandwich, ice cream tea).

In Taipei we visited Shilin Night Market (most well known NM in Taiwan) and Ningxia (not impressed). You can check out more photos from Shilin NM from my first visit there.

Pearl milk tea. Very popular Taiwanese drink. Mix tea and milk, then add some tapioca pearls. They’re sweet and chewy. You’ll also get a a wider straw, so you can suck the pearls. Due to the language barrier, it happens that you order pearl milk tea and get one of the many similar variations. I once got pearl milk. Andreea got milk tea.

Braised pork rice. Yet another Taiwanese specialty. Take small pieces of pork fat, cook them with a little bit of sauce, then add them on a a bowl of rice as a topping. Yumm, right? Yeah, me neither.

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