2 day hike in Ciucas. Started in Cheia, went up Culmea Buzaianu towards Varful Gropsoarele, then Varful Muntele Rosu followed by a night at Cabana Muntele Rosu. The second day we visited Cabana Ciucas, then followed Culmea Bratocea down to Pasul Bratocea.

The first day was rainy, at least before getting out of the forest. We did see a bit of sun, but then we were engulfed by clouds again while approaching Varful Gropsoarele.

The accommodations at Cabana Muntele Rosu were decent, but the waiters were a little rude. The guys from Cabana Silva are a lot nicer.

The second day was sunny and warm. Ate at Cabana Ciucas. Saw a couple of bikers on Bratocea and remembered my ride there. Then sighted looking at my broken finger.

Tracks for the two days:

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