Day trip to Patmos: Apocalypse Island

Boat trip again! This time we left from Pythagorio. We were heading towards… Apocalypse Island!

Yeah, that’s a weird name to market an island. Still, this is one of the most important places for Christianity. Here, John the Apostle wrote the Book of Revelations. Today, the small island has 3000 permanent inhabitants. And 300 chapels scattered around – which reminded me of Albania’s bunkers.

Our first stop was at a monastery. Here, we saw the cave where John the Apostle stayed while writing the Book of Revelations. Our guide, also a writer, philosopher, photographer, teacher and maybe even marathon runner, read from the Patmos guide book. Which he wrote. According to him, the guide book was the second best selling book on the island, after the New Testament.

The next stop was another monastery. This time, we were on top of the island, within thousand year old fortifications. The narrow streets, with white and blue houses, were simply mesmerizing. I left the guide and slow moving group and started wandering around. Stunning! I have to agree with this article on Forbes: Patmos is a very idyllic place to live in.

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