London – Part 2/3

This second part of the London series focuses on parks and museums.

We were lucky enough to catch the start of spring in London (contrasting with the mountains of snow we left in Bucharest). Therefore, we took our time seeing some of the parks. Our favourite was St James’s Park:


.. mostly due to the viciously friendly squirrels (also birds and even rats):


We saw the trees starting to bloom:


In the northern part of the city we found Hampstead Heath. Unfortunately, we arrived late and we couldn’t enjoy the viewpoints it offers towards central London.


An interesting fact about most museums in London is that they are free. This, obviously, means they are packed with tourists. Even more, students are regularly taken to museums for practical lessons. We saw a lot of school kids in the British Museum, working on their exercises:


Pic 1: deciphering the Rosetta Stone. Pic 2: hands on lesson featuring a Roman statuette. Pic 3 – Andreea: “Wow, he has all his teeth, incredible!”


Mummified cat and Braille hieroglyphs:


The Natural History Museum featured an awesome collection of dinosaurs, including a full size T-Rex robot:


We also checked out the Tower of London (official name: “Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress”). We were given a guided tour by one of the Yeomen Warders (with over 20 years of military service, our guide was now entertaining tourists with scary stories):


Inside the castle, we saw the Crown Jewels (British humour), medieval armoury, weaponry and even torture devices (yay):


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