Niagara Falls

At first I didn’t consider this attraction for our road trip because it added about 10 hours of driving. Everybody knows I don’t like driving. Looking in retrospect, that would have been a wrong call, because the falls were pretty spectacular.

We went on the cruise to the base of the falls. Otherwise you really can’t see much from the US side. The best view (while on land) is from the Canadian side.

Nothing beats sitting in a boat at the base of the falls, getting sprayed so hard you can’t even open your eyes to look at what’s in front of you. The whole cruise is pretty short, 10-15 minutes. Not like you’ll ever need more to take a shower.

The long drive after the falls became more bearable after a couple of stops:
– a car show. We got curious as we saw a crowd and a long line of cars waiting to turn right off the road. Walked around for about 20 minutes. Lots of muscle cars, hot rods and other rides you don’t see every day.
– fireworks show. We were entering the town of Ridgway, PA when the show started. Perfect timing, it’s like the organizers were waiting for us. Drove towards the lights and ended up at the local carnival, one organized by the firefighters to raise money.

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