Retezat Mountains – such a treat! Route:

Day 0:
– got in the car at 5pm
– stayed in traffic for more than an hour
– caught a hailstorm
– got supplies from the supermarket and sporting goods store
– barely made it out of the flooded parking lot
– drove past midnight on one of the spookiest (non)roads I’ve seen – Obarsia Lotrului to Petrosani
– arrived at 2am in Petrosani, finally some sleep

Day 1:
– parked the car at Poiana Carnic
– hiked through the forest
– ate lunch at Cabana Pietrele

– continued hiking up into the clouds and the alpine area
– reached the highest point of the day – Curmatura Bucurei (2206m)
– arrived at Lake Bucura and set up camp

Day 2:
– relax
– read
– short hike up Peak Peleaga (2509m)

Day 3:
– packed up the tent
– climbed Peak Peleaga (2509m)
– descended on the other side, continued toward Lake Galesu
– descended back to Carnic and enjoyed our return to civilization with some real food
– drove to Bucharest

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