Tenerife Mountain Bike Yay!

LOTS of cyclists come to Tenerife during winter. If you’re somewhat serious about your cycling and you want to start the season with a solid base, what would you choose: endless hours sweating on the home trainer or glory biking on a sunny island? But while most people stick to the roads, I’m the black sheep of the bunch. I must admit I was a little nervous. I knew the roads were spectacular and I was wondering if the trails would live up to the challenge.

Did some online research and managed to patch up the track below. Mostly wide forest roads, with just a short and steep technical section – hike-a-bike for me. But the lack of singletrack was compensated by the scenery. Biking on and around volcanoes was pretty awesome.

We stayed in El Medano and I did a couple of shorter rides in the area. Not very scenic, mostly dirt roads, some rocky sections, some singletrack. In the end it was good training. Bonus points for ending the ride on the beach.

Short loop starting from the village of Vilaflor. Only forest/gravel roads through coniferous forests.

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