Biking le Tour du Mont Blanc – Jour 4

The last hard day, with 2000 m of climbing (and 1500 m descending) in just 30 km. Mais les dieux du VTT étaient bons aujourd’hui (yes, VTT is MTB in French – vélo tout terrain).

Despite three climbs done almost exclusivity alongside the bike, both of today’s descends were bikeable! Can’t believe it! The second descend was actually quite easy – nothing technical, just go straight down.

Went through one pair of disk brake pads already. Wow, that was fast. This time I was more prepared. Swapped in some new ones and continued my ride.

Ate a slice of cheese tart at Refuge Auberge de la Nova, just before the final climb of the day. With 900 m of gain over just 5 km, I needed some food to keep my energy up.

Spent the night at Refuge de la Croix du Bonhomme. Highest altitude shelter I’ll be staying in, at 2443 m elevation.

Had to pay to use the shower. You buy tokens, and a token gets you 4 minutes of water. Didn’t know if 4 minutes is enough. Found out it is.

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