Travel Plans for 2014

I don’t usually do tags, but since Alex is a nice guy, I’m answering his tag by sharing my plans for 2014:

1. What new places are you planning to visit in 2014?
The big trip of this year is the month-long holiday in Nepal, in September-October. Andreea and me are going to trek the Annapurna Circuit (about 220 km, going from 800m up to 5400m, usually done in 20 days). Maybe we’ll get to prepare for this trip by doing a 3 or 4 day hike in the Retezat Mountains, sometime this summer.

I’m also planning a few bike trips. I hope I’ll get to see mountains I’ve been longing for for the past 2 years: Iezer, Leaota, Fagaras, maybe even Retezat, to name a few. I’ll be aiming toward 2 or 3 day trips (I love camping out).

2. What places you’ve seen before are on your travel list?
I’ll probably repeat a couple of classic bike routes in the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains. I’m also wishing for more snow, since I want to go ski touring to Padina, up Baiului and/or Ciucas Mountains.


Ski touring practice today at Kalinderu Slope

In May I’m returning to Moieciu, for my first full EcoMarathon. Last year’s 14km event was my first ever trail running competition. This year I’m going for the full deal. I’m enjoying the experience I have at trail running competitions and I might sign up for another one, but that remains to be seen.

3. What domestic and foreign destinations would you recommend?
I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen a lot of Romania, so my selection pool is quite limited. I would recommend the hilly area between the Bucegi and the Piatra Craiului Mountains. I find the landscape there gorgeous and that’s why more and more houses and hotels are built in the area. So it’s best to hurry up and see it now (if you haven’t done so already), before it gets full of guest houses in strident colors.

My picks for foreign destinations are the desert areas of Western United States, such as Mojave or Death Valley. They offer a surreal experience. They will redefine your understanding of remoteness or solitude. I hope to return there sometime. It would be cool to rent a fat bike – I don’t think normal bikes are adequate for sandy soil.

I don’t have anybody to tag further, but I invite whoever reads this to brag about her travel plans for the year. Don’t be shy!

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  1. Anne

    I was about to say you should change “her travel plans” with “their travel plans” but I see you actually did it intentionally to transmit an actual message. Great thinking :D.


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